Use YOUR Voice

It's officially spring which means it is time to take it to the streets!

We remember a few months back around Christmas time when the right wing media declared a "War on Christmas". It appears that the same media sources have declared a "War on Women". A simple google search yields several public statements that critique women's rights to income, maternal health, and their children's education. The criminalization of of women's rights are being brought to the forefront in our courts, our legislators' office, and our television. All of which are meant to protect and educate us and are funded by our dollars and time. The only means to create change is for the grassroots to utilize our voices and demand the change that we are entitled to as our rights, as women - together.

One week from today is the UNITE WOMEN CT RALLY. This is YOUR chance to Stand up! Speak out! Vote! Music, dance, and speakers will entertain you and your children at Bushnell Park (by the Capital) from 10-2.

For More Information: http://now-ct.org/local-events-and-ways-to-get-involved/

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